Building an Inbound Marketing Mailing List

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Inbound marketing focuses on providing value and building relationships over time. Providing information of value by email on a regular basis is a proven inbound marketing technique. The frequency should be carefully considered as when people are contacted too often the communication becomes intrusive. In order to use inbound marketing the mailing list must be built. Following are sources of email contacts:


  1. Customer List – The starting point for an inbound marketing email list is the existing customer base. Sharing value with existing customers serves to enforce relationships.
  2. Prospects – Automotive repair shops provide quotes for prospective customers. Asking for contact information when providing a quote is an effective way to add to an email list. A prospective customer is already considering doing business with the shop and inbound marketing is a way to stay in front of the customer.
  3. Solicitation – Email addresses can be gained through solicitation. If something of value is offered and the communications are non-intrusive a person may be willing to provide their contact information.
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