3 Keys to Optimizing Use of Dedicated Resources in Auto Repair

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RepairBayA dedicated bay and/or equipment in an auto repair shop can present significant challenges. The objective is to realize the maximum return on investment but if care is not taken the resource can be overbooked or double booked and conflicts can result. In the example of an alignment rack a significant investment was required and thus a fair amount of work will be required to realize a return. This objective can result in resource conflicts which will negatively impact overall work flow. Following are keys to optimizing use of dedicated resources:

  1. Inspect Vehicles for Service Needs – A proactive effort should be undertaken to identify vehicles that are in need of the service provided by the dedicated resource. If a vehicle is inspected and doesn’t need the service immediately a recommendation should be recorded for the projected future date when it should be performed.
  2. Schedule Recommended Services in Advance – A dedicated resource should be scheduled in advance to ensure the proper level of utilization. Care should be taken not to overbook the resource as this can be more detrimental to overall workflow than less utilization.
  3. Schedule Daily Usage by Vehicle – A dedicated resource should be integrated into the overall work schedule so as to avoid conflict and support overall workflow. At the daily level the times a dedicated resource will be used for each vehicle should be planned in advance.
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